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tela Tijeras


 At Empresas La Cubanita our sole business is the design, manufacture, and distribution of quality career apparel. A family-owned business, founded in 1949, we still follow our original principles of producing a quality product and offering superior value and service. 

As a leading supplier of hotels, restaurants, and industries apparel; we pride ourselves in producing apparel of uncompromising quality, always giving special attention to superior construction and flawless detail. 

In today’s changing environment, Empresas La Cubanita, understands your need to project a progressive and professional image. Our design team draws Empresas La Cubanita’s 60 years or experience in the uniform industry, so the result is a product line, that’s professional, fashionable, and functional. 

Our reputation rests on our commitment to detail. We offer our customers consistency and continuity in the style we provide. We keep in touch with you, our customers, and address your ideas and concerns. 

Quality apparel says good things about the people who wear it, and the organization they represent. At Empresas La Cubanita, we never lose sight of the fact that those who wear our clothing everyday are the ultimate judges of our success. 

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